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Novo Nordisk, Valo Health sign $2.7 billion pact for drug discovery

HQ Team September 25, 2023: Novo Nordisk and Valo Health, Inc., have signed a $2.7 billion pact to discover and develop novel treatments.

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Merck to acquire Prometheus for $10.8 billion to step up immunology presence

HQ Team April 17, 2023: US-based Merck will buy Prometheus Biosciences for about 10.8 billion to shore up its immunology portfolio to shield itself from.

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BioNTech, OncoC4 in pact to develop drug for solid tumours

BioNTech, a German immunotherapy company, announced a strategic pact with OncoC4, a private firm, to develop and commercialise a drug to treat solid tumours.

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