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Opinion: ‘Sanity’ is sacrosanct, city residents’ mental health sacred

By Aparna S April 3, 2024: Over the last decade and until 2022 about one-third of India’s 1.4 billion people have become city.

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The loneliness epidemic: A pervasive global health crisis

HQ Team February 21,2024: Loneliness is a pervasive epidemic affecting the youngest to the oldest, impacting their physical and mental health alike. As.

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One in 4 elderly, one in 6 adolescents experience social isolation: WHO chief

HQ Team November 16, 2023: One in four older people experience social isolation, and one in six adolescents is socially isolated and lonely,.

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Hobby with a personal meaning can fight loneliness, says study

HQ Team June 27, 2023: Any hobby with a personal meaning can ward off loneliness, a joint study found. “Loneliness are known to.

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