Cipla joins WEF’s ‘Lighthouse network’ to digitally transform operations

Cipla joins WEF's Lighthouse

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October 11, 2022: Cipla, an Indian pharmaceutical company, has joined the World Economic Forum’s Lighthouse network to adopt advanced fourth-industrial revolution technologies to transform operations digitally.

Its plant, situated in Indore, India, has demonstrated advanced technologies to drive productivity, workforce engagement, sustainability, and resilience across 22 sites in parallel, according to a BSE filing.

 Headquartered in India’s financial capital of Mumbai, Cipla primarily develops medicines to treat respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, depression and other medical conditions. 

Artificial intelligence

Lighthouses apply ‘Advanced Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing and big data analytics.

It maximises efficiency and competitiveness at scale, transforms business models and drives economic growth while augmenting the workforce, protecting the environment and contributing to a learning journey for all-sized manufacturers across all geographies and industries. 

“Over two years, Cipla deployed ‘Digital Automation Analytics’ (DAA) across a network of 22 India sites in parallel to unlock end-to-end costs, productivity and quality leadership,” according to the filing.

Cipla’s OSD led this journey with 30+4IR use cases, spanning the Industrial Internet of Things, Digital, Advanced Analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Robotic Process Automation.

The impact generated across multiple fronts at Cipla’s Indore Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) facility includes a 23%* rise in productivity, a 28% decrease in specific Greenhouse gas (GHG)emissions and quality enhancement. 

Enhance connection

Umang Vohra, Managing Director and Global CEO of Cipla, said: “We have embarked on a journey to enhance our connection with patients, doctors & other stakeholders in line with our aspiration to reimagine operations across the value chain.

“Embedding a digital culture in the organisation enables us to stay ahead of the curve and helps achieve our sustainability pledges whilst increasing operational efficiencies.”

With Cipla deploying 4IR technologies in 22 sites simultaneously, the company has adopted a digital transformation approach that is ‘at-scale by design.’

Cipla’s Indore facility will join as a new member of the Lighthouse network on October 13 2022.

Cipla’s 47 manufacturing sites worldwide produce more than 50 dosage forms and 1,500 products using cutting-edge technology platforms to cater to more than 80 markets.

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