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Pfizer suspends sale of 4 antibiotics in India due to manufacturing issues

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May 19, 2023: Pfizer, the global pharma giant, has issued a letter announcing the temporary suspension of the sale and distribution of its antibiotics Magnex, Magnex Forte, Magnamycin injections and Zosyn in India.

The company has stopped the sales of the medicines due “deviations” at a manufacturing facility operated by Astral Steritech Private Limited, according to the letter shared on Twitter by a doctor.

All four target various infections caused by bacteria, including stomach infections, skin infections, pneumonia, and severe uterine infections. Magnamycin injections and Magnex Forte are also used to treat bacterial infections.

“Whilst the manufacturer is currently investigating the matter, they have requested Pfizer, as an abundant precautionary measure and as per best practices, to temporarily suspend the sale/distribution/supply and use of the aforementioned products, pending the investigation by the manufacturer,” the company said in its letter.

Pfizer added that it’s taking “all reasonable efforts” to resolve the situation.

Pharmacies stop sales

The All-India Organization of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD) has issued a letter to its state units across the nation, instructing them to halt the immediate sale, distribution, and supply of these drugs.

The AIOCD expressed concerns regarding deviations discovered at the manufacturing facility of Astral Steritech and emphasized the need for strict adherence to the directive. Rajiv Singhal, the general secretary of AIOCD, wrote that it is crucial to promptly inform all trade and hospital stakeholders within their respective states and districts about the temporary suspension of the sale, distribution, supply, and usage of the mentioned products until further notice.

Astral Steritech Private Limited is based in Gujarat, India. In 2021, the company was taken over by Centrient Pharmaceuticals.

Astral had brought in-house production capacity for antibiotics at two FDA-approved production lines.


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