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Nutrients in soil have fallen ‘dramatically’ over seven decades: UN

World Soil Day

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December 4, 2022: Key facts to remember on World Soil Day that falls

  •        Nearly 2 billion people worldwide suffer from a lack of micronutrients, known as hidden hunger  because it is difficult to
  •     According to the UN, more living organisms are present in a tablespoon of soil than people on earth.
  •         Soils need a varied supply of nutrients in ample amounts to remain healthy.
  •        The level of vitamins and nutrients in food has fallen drastically in the last 70 years.   
  •      About 33% of global soils are degraded. Soil nutrient imbalance is one of the leading causes of degradation.   
  •      By 2050, agricultural production must increase by 60%  globally to meet food demand alone. 
  •      Sustainable soil management could produce up to 58% more food.
  •      Up to half of our household waste could be composted to nurture our soil.  
  •      Despite all our technological advancements, humanity still relies on a few centimetres of soil to survive. 
  •      Farmers produce almost 95% of our food in our soils.
  •         When soils degrade and nutrients are not replenished after a harvest, they lose their capacity to nurture life. 
  •       The loss of soil fertility leads to low crop yield and failure, leading to hunger, malnutrition and poverty.
  •      When nutrients are in excess, they leak into the environment, polluting water and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.


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